Empowering Data-Driven
Decision Making

Advise is our AI-powered Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for data analytics and recommendation. Advise aggregates, analyses and visualises multiple data signals, and offers advanced decision support systems through the application of cutting-edge techniques from Machine Learning and Recommender Systems.

Designed and developed by RecommenderX, our Advise platform is modular, data agnostic and can be configured and customized for any domain. Advise can bring together multiple disparate data sources, whether numeric or text-based, democratize the advanced analytics outputs, and deliver actionable insights to effectively change your business.

Advise is comprised of three main components, which can be licensed individually or together:

Data Visualisation

Axiom is the data visualization component of the Advise platform, where compelling data visualizations are exposed in dashboards that are tailored to different roles in your business. This democratizes access to data, enabling those, who currently rely on others to create reports, to access data when they need it.

Knowledge Base

Explore is the search and discovery component of the Advise platform. It enables multiple collections of documents to be indexed and provides intuitive querying and browsing capabilities over this data. Explore enables tailored Knowledge Bases of textual content within your business, that make information easy to find.

Decision Support

Decide is the machine learning and recommendation component of the Advise platform. It is used as the primary building block of the domain-specific Decision Support Systems that we provide. With Decide we can mine data for patterns, make predictions about the future, and recommend the next best action to take.


Efficiency through automation

Remove the time currently wasted in data cleansing, manipulation, and integration. Free your team up to focus on what they do best - driving change.

One View of your data

Having all your data in one platform brings new opportunities for cross-pollination, identifying anomalies and finding patterns.

Democratize Data

Enable access to data beyond the usual gatekeepers. Make it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for through intuitive user experience.

AI-enabled Decision Support Systems

Put the machine to work on your behalf. Empower your teams with insights and recommendations so they can make truly data-driven decisions.

Proactive Notifications

Advise is working even when you and your teams are not. Receive alerts when data changes, anomalies are detected or new actions become possible.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Whether your business uses public or private cloud infrastructure, Advise is highly scalable, highly available and totally secure.